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Taffety Punk

Taffety Punk is an avant garde acting company residing in D.C. I've set designed several different productions for them, including their much-acclaimed Titus Andronicus, Bloody Poetry, and Charm (not pictured). Beginning with Liz Maestri's Owl Moon, I have worked with the Punks on many of their other projects, particularly their Riot Grrrls renditions of Shakespeare.

1-4. Owl Moon by Liz Maestri, directed by Lise Bruneau.

”…the set, a snowy forest of birch trees, is nicely designed by Jessica Moretti, and meticulously painted...” -DC Theatre Scene

5-8. Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, directed by Eleanor Holdridge. Lights by Kristin A. Thompson.  

9-16. Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare, directed by Lise Bruneau. Lights by Brittany Diliberto

”Design-wise, these Goths are marked by thin black streaks on their faces, and the dark, slightly spooky environment created by Jessica Moretti …makes brief but stunning use of a black wall where a message gets scrawled in chalk.” - Washington Post

17-23. The Tempest by William Shakespeare, directed by Lise Bruneau. Lights by Brittany Diliberto.

”Set Designer Jessica Moretti, with the assistance of … Daniel Flint, has made a virtue of the space's Spartan aesthetic, with a burlap-clad jungle-gym as his centerpiece and a pair of flats to suggest the sunlit isle where Prospero and daughter Miranda have lived as exiles for 12 years. “ - Broadway World