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Concept Art

This is concept art I mainly completed while I was working as a designer for the Macy's Parade Studio. All of these designs were collaborations with the entire studio department; however, these are pieces for which I was responsible for the color concept presentation. 

"Wrecked" Promo Concept Art / Pirate's Booty Float Concept - 2014 / Pirate's Booty Float Photo - 2014  / Flower Show Flower Dress Concept - 2014 /Flower Show Flower Dress Mannequin Photo - 2014 / Minions Float Concept (with Joel Naprstek) - 2014 / Minions Float Photo - 2014 / Happy Hippo Balloon Concept - 2013 /Happy Hippo Balloon Photo - 2013 / Rocking Flamingo Concept - 2014 / Rocking Flamingo Photo - 2014 /  Flower Show Tent Graphic - 2013 / Flower Show Tent Photo- 2013  / Spirit of America Float Design - 2015