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About Jessica Moretti

I am a Portland, Oregon-based designer who loves books, bikram yoga, art, and most animals. And I currently work for the animation studio LAIKA designing sets for puppets! I can't think of a better dream job. I will miss New York, most certainly, but I have to say that I've always been more of a West Coast girl.

My ideal freelance design opportunity would be to design a public space lined wall-to-wall with books on myth and lore, with a small stage for modern-day tellers to spread the experience of live-telling to a story circle.  Anything that makes the day-to-day reality of a community a little more magical is something I feel that all artists should strive to achieve.  I.E. if I could design a statue of a giant taking a huge step in the middle of Central Park, complete with magic bean stalk, I totally would.